Private Cabins in Boulder Bay Area

Boulder Bay is located on the north east side of Big Bear Lake, Ca. surrounded with several large granite boulder's and tall pine trees in amongst the Cabins.

The Boulder Bay area is without a doubt, one of my favorite places around the entire Big Bear Lake. The Boulder Bay Area here is defined as starting at the Log Cabin Restaurant on the corner of Big Bear Blvd and Edgemoor Rd. and heading South down Big Bear Blvd. all the way to the Dam. This area also includes the Private Cabin Rentals available within the Papoose Bay, Metcalf Bay as we'll as the actual Boulder Bay itself.

Some of the most popular activities to do in the Boulder Bay Area would first have to be the BEST Swimming hole in the Entire Big Bear Lake. Starting at the Dam and heading East, it's only a few hundred yards to the South side before you will see China Island. (The Only island on Big Bear) The island itself is private property but the rock outcropping 40 feet to the West is fair game and a great place to go swimming. You can also go Cliff-Diving with boulders ranging anywhere from 5' up to 35' high depending on the water level in Lake. For those that don't have access to a boat, there is a small place to pull over approx. 1/4 mile from the Dam Parking Lot and just after the first major right turn bend in the road. There is only approx. 6-8 parking places there depending on how folks park so get there early on the weekends because it usually fills up fast. Once parked just follow the trail down towards the lake about 500 yards and you will run right into the swimming area.

Boulder Bay is also known for the several miles of Hiking and Biking Trails leading back into the National Forest. One of the most popular trails in Boulder Bay is the Castle Rock Trail which winds up the Mountain to, you guesses it, Castle Rock. Castle Rock is most famous for the steep cliffs that surround it. Technically speaking, it would be classified in the upper range of difficulty, but once on top, the Views of Boulder Bay surrounded by Big Bear Lake are just magnificent. To get to Castle Rock starting at Big Bear Dam, go approx. 1 mile towards the Village. You can see where the Trail starts on your left hand side, but you need to keep going approx. 100 ft. for a place to park. The trail is 2.4 miles round trip with medium to hard inclines getting up there.

If you have a private vacation rental in the Boulder Bay Area your welcome to share any information you'd like concerning your cabin.


  1. Thrilled to find your blog. I have a value vacation rental in Sedona and would love to do a swap with someone in Big Bear--red rocks for water rocks:-) Actually, your swimming hole looks a lot like one here in Prescott, AZ.

  2. My friends once visited that private cabin and they told me that it is a very special cabin. It is so private and it has everything that you will need to relax. I wish I can also visit that cabin.

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