Big Bear Ski Resorts

The Mountian Ski Resorts of Big Bear lake, California

Is the Very BEST place to go skiing and snowboarding in the winter time for all of Southern California Residents. The two Ski Resorts in Big Bear lake, Snow Summit and Bear Mountain Ski Resorts, located right in the heart of Big Bear Valley, making it easy access to go Skiing for thousands of Southern California's residents within a 2 hour drive of either Los Angeles or Palm Springs. Big Bear lake is also only a short 3 hour drive from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Combined, both Bear Mountain and Snow Summit cover more then 430 ski-able acres with 26 Ski lifts and 80 total runs to choose from all with 100% snow making capabilities. The Big Bear Ski Resorts is one of the few Resort Communities with this snow making capability that is not dependant on Mother Nature to insure a successful Ski Season with plenty of fresh powder. As long as the Weather stays relatively cold they have an unlimited supply of water being syphoned out of Big Bear Lake to make as much snow that is needed, which then returns back to the Lake in the Spring when the snow melts.

Both Bear Mountain Resorts are unique in their own right and depending on your experience, you will find just the type of skiing/snowboarding that's right for you. Both Ski Resorts are owned by the same company and your ski ticket is good at either location. You can catch a shuttle bus out front which runs every few minutes between Snow Summit and Bear Mountain.

As you can probably imagine, if are planning to visit Big Bear on just about any weekend during the Winter and especially the Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years) it's advisable to order your Ski tickets online in advance prior to making your plans as they frequently sell out during these times. It's also a good idea if you do not get to the slopes early on these days before the parking lots fill up, just park at one of the overflow lots in Big Bear and save yourself a lot of wasted time when you could be out there skiing or snowboarding.

Bear Mountain's first over flow for parking is located in the lower Moon-ridge area prior to turning on to Country Club Blvd. If that's already starting to fill up just turn back around on Moonridge Road and drive back 1 mile adjacent to the Big Bear Chateau. Most of the over flow ski parking for Snow Summit is located on Fox Farm Rd. behind the K-mart on Big Bear Blvd. going towards the Big Bear Choppers new building. Shuttles continue to run throughout the day.

Snow Summit Resort is probably a little more Family oriented if your taking the whole family skiing. Don't get me wrong, there is a few runs up there that will give just about any advanced skier or snowboarder a good run for your money, but over-all your family might have a better time skiing here especially if you are at the beginner to intermediate ski level.

Snow Summit also has night skiing on Friday and Saturday's til 9:30 p.m. if you just didn't seem to get enough during the day time. it's usually not as busy and it definitely is an experience all it's own.

Bear Mountain Ski Resort:

Bear Mountain Ski Resort is located at the base of upper Moonridge and is considered one of the most progressive ski areas in the Country boasting the ONLY Super Pipe in all of Southern California. Bear Mountain also has 150 different sized jumps as we'll as 80 jib's within the Ski park. Bear Mountain Resort has the highest and steepest runs in So. Cal at 9500 ft. They do have a large learning area for the beginners, so your family can still have a Great time irregardless of your skiing ability.

Renting Skis and Snowboards in Big Bear lake

Both Bear Mountain and Snow Summit Resorts have Ski and Snowboard Rentals at each location, but as you can imagine, they are usually very busy during the peak times and you could potentially be wasting a lot of valuable ski time standing in line getting fitted for your equipment before you can hit the slopes.

Best Advice To Get Your Moneys Worth if you do not already own your own set of Skis or a tricked out Snowboard, is to plan ahead the night before and rent your Ski equipment from one of the Several Ski and Snowboard Rental Company's within the Town of Big Bear Lake.

A Few Ski and Snowboard Rental Company's right in the Heart of Town on Big Bear Blvd. Are:

Goldsmiths Board House

42071 Big Bear Blvd.

(909) 866-5095

Leroys Boardshops

598 Paine Road (West side of the Village)

Big Bear Lake, Ca.

(909) 866-4887

Leroys Summit

41925 Big Bear Blvd.

Big Bear lake, Ca

(909) 866-7989

Corner of Knickerbocker/ Big Bear Blvd

(Northeast corner in the Village)

(909) 585-1911

1(800) Ski-Board

A Few Helpful Numbers:

You can now check for the snow conditions and park information prior to coming up from your cell phone.

Just text "SNOW" to 52406
text "NOW" to 52406
for weather up-dates and Highway road conditions driving up to

Big Bear Lake, California.


  1. The Resorts started blowing snow last night. There's a slight chance of them opening for the weekend. Here's a video we shot of the snowblowing;

  2. Well, thanks for your generous and detailed tips! These resorts would be a great venue for our family bonding. I'll suggest it to my hubby. Good thing you've included some list of equipment rentals. At least we have an idea where to rent. By the way, do they have ski coaches there?


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