Alpine Slide-Magic Mountain

The Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain is Big Bear Lakes largest Amusement Park

Keeping consistent with this Four Seasons Community, Alpine Slide is open all year long and changes with the Seasons with the things to do there depending on the time of year your visit Big Bear. The main attraction at Alpine Slide is the quarter mile long bob-sled ride that snakes down Magic Mountain. Ride the ski chair to the top of the Mountain and get ready for a ride you soon won't forget. Check Out The Videos Below for a first hand experience going down the slide.

One word of advise if you plan on riding down the bob sled multiple times and get a little more daring each time. There is a very good reason they have you sign a release form before they let you on the ski lift. People have been known to have some serious wrecks coming down the cement rails, including me.

I was racing my Son on the side-by-side tracks and knew the only way I had a chance to keep up was to go all out from the very beginning. About a quarter of the way down going threw one of the steeper curves, the bob sled rode all the way up on the wall and I just knew I was going to fly off the track. Instead I went sideways and basically came down on the the concrete track on my side til I finally came to a stop. To make a long story short, I still have to this day (2 1/2 years later) a large part of my arm scared that looks like a bad tattoo. From what I understand, it's a frequent occurrence of big people trying to Not act their age and forgetting how to use a brake.

Tubing At Alpine Slide

When Winter starts to set in they open up the tubing area on Magic Mountain where you ride the Magic Carpet Uphill Lift to the top of the tubing area. For $25 you can go tubing til your hearts desire and go down the Mountain as many times as you'd like. They have also installed snow making machines just in case Mother Nature decides not to co-operate and guarantees there will always be enough snow to go tubing down.

Water Slide at Alpine Slide

When the Summer sets in, it's time to go water sliding down one of two different water slides available. A little small if you ask me considering they have plenty of room to expand, but on those hot Summer days high up in the Mountains of Big Bear, it sure feels really good when you go splashing into the pool at the bottom. Single water slide rides on either slide will run you $1 per run or you can get an all day pass for $12. it a lot of fun and a good place to take the kids to run off some energy.

Other Activities at Alpine Slide

Alpine Slide also has Go-Cart's on the premises as we'll as a 18 hole Miniature Golf Course. Inside the main building is a few video games and a snack shop for a quick bite to eat. The sign says they also have Horseback Riding but I have yet to ever see a Horse anywhere near there. This must of been before they built several Multi-Million Dollar Homes on the top of the Mountain over looking Big Bear Lake.

All in all, it's certainly no Disneyland but if you have some youngsters with you, this is a great activity to take them to, or even better, a great place to drop them off for a few hours if they are a little older.

Alpine Slide is located at
800 Wildrose lane
( 3 blocks West of the Village on Big Bear Blvd)

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