Moonridge Zoo

The Moonridge Animal Park is nestled at the base of Upper Moon ridge across the street from Bear Mountain Ski Resort. Unlike most Zoos, the Moonridge Zoo is more of a hands on type where you can get very close to most Animals living there. Some of the Animals at the Big Bear Zoo include Black Bears, Bobcats, Mountain Lion, Coyotes, Red Fox, Mule Deer and several variety's of large Eagles and birds just to name a few.
The MoonRidge Zoo also offers Daily Feeding and Animal Presentations if you plan your trip just right. The Animal presentations are held daily at 12p.m. Noon (Depending on the Weather) were the Zoo Keepers surprise the audience with a selected Animal they bring out of their cage for a very up close (sometimes hands on) and personal look. The selected animal's could be anything from a Raccoon to a Bald Eagle. The daily feeding tour's where the Zoo Animals are often very active starts at 3p.m. daily in the Summer time and 3 pm on Saturday and Sunday in the Winter time.

The BigBear Zoo also has one of the finest Gift Shops of souvenir's and local Big Bear Artists Work in all of Bear Valley.

The Animal Park for the most part survives on admission fees and donations to keep the Zoo open and continue helping several abandoned or injured Wildlife Animals rescued within the San Bernardino Mountains.

Big Bears Animal Park now is in the process of raising Several Million Dollars that it needs for relocating the Animal Park to a site on the North Shore of Big Bear Lake, right across from the Discovery Center. The Park's lease at it's present location expired in February of this year and is currently in limbo with all the bureaucratic BS that they are having to jump through before they can start moving the Animals. The property has already been sold with Development plans already in the works.
Moonridge Animal Park is one of Big Bears Greatest Treasure's and it's very existence is being threatened. If your looking for something to do in Big Bear lake and would like to do something good for the Community at the same time, then consider visiting the zoo in Big Bear on your next visit to the Valley.

For those of you that might not be able to visit the Big Bear Zoo here in the near future but would like to Contribute To Save The Zoo and help create a bigger and better place for the wild animals, you can conveniently do so by visiting the Moonridge Animal Parks Website.

Visit the Zoo All Year Long
43285 Goldmine Drive
(909) 878-4200
Admission is $7.00 for adults. Children 3-10 only $5.00 and under 3-years is free. Senior 50+ only $5.00

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  1. The admission is $9 for adults, $6 for kids and seniors. The phone number is incorrect- it should be 909-584-1299.


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