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Choosing the right Cabin for rent in Big Bear is no easy task when trying to decide on that perfect vacation cabin rental while visiting the Beautiful Mountain Resort of Big Bear Lake, California. Whether your looking for a quaint rustic cabins nestled close to the San Bernardino National Forest, or a King Sized Lakefront Vacation Cabin rental, you can find it here in the Big Bear Valley. There is literally hundreds of Cabins in Big Bear to choose from.
When deciding on the Perfect Cabin Rental there is a few things to narrow down your search to make your vacation stay in Big Bear the most memorable possible. Depending on your activities, some cabin rental areas are more preferred then others and should be taken into consideration first. The Good Thing is there really is no bad part's of Big Bear Valley. Any location you choose to rent a cabin in Big Bear is more then likely in a nice Neighborhood. Some cabins for rent are just more preferred because of their location around Big Bear Lake.
Lakefront Cabins for Rent
Are you looking for a cabin surrounded by large granite boulders and tall pine trees right on the Lake? Then you might consider looking for a Cabins in the Boulder Bay Area. Or maybe your coming up to Big Bear to go Skiing or Snowboarding and would prefer a cabin for rent really close to one of the two Ski Resorts ( Snow Summit and Bear Mountain) then you would probably want to concentrate on Private Cabin Rentals in the Moonridge Area or Cabin Rentals Close to The Village. Or maybe your coming to Big Bear just to get away from it all and would prefer a nice quiet place to soak up the Sun? Then it's hard to beat Renting A Cabin In Fawnskin on the North Shore with Beautiful views of Big Bear Lake a the Ski Resorts in the background. No matter which part of the Lake you choose to rent a cabin around Big Bear Lake, there is plenty of cabins to choose from.
Resort Cabins In Big Bear
Big Bear Lake also offers a variety of Cabin Rental Resorts that have the privacy of your own cabin but with all the amenities that a Ski Resort offers.

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Cabins In Fawnskin

Cabins In Fawnskin, California

Your visit to Big Bear Lake would not be complete without a drive around the 22 mile Lake. Fawnskin, Ca. is an authentic small mining and logging town on the North Shore of Big Bear Lake approx. 4 miles from the Dam. As the Town of Big Bear Lake has been modernized over the years with only old photos of what it was like so many years ago, there is no mistaking when you enter Fawnskin as you are immediately taken back in what it was like (and still is) to live in the early Gold Rush Days.
The famous restaurant is still operating and serves the Best Breakfast (and night life) on the entire North Shore of Big Bear. While the Fawn Lodge Hotel filled with Brothel rooms, still stands as a reminder what it must of been like to live in Fawnskin over a 100 years ago.
Fawnskin (and the entire Big Bear Valley for that matter) is also home to several we'll known celebrities and artists. The most famous celebrity's living full time in Fawnskin are Shirley Jones from the Partridge Family and her Husband Comedian Marty Ingles. They actually bought one of the few remaining prime lots in Downtown Fawnskin in 2001 to rescue it from new development which IMO it would of taken away from the old town appeal. Marty's idea was to turn it into a Park for everyone to enjoy and with the help from community donations, spent several Hundred Thousand Dollars transforming it into an eye catching theme park devoted to the 9/11 tragedy. Along with life-size statues of policemen, firemen and rescuers to name just a few. Marty was also able to obtain a large piece of metal that came from the World Trade Center One. Even though the Park is still kept in pristine condition, he has what you might say, a modernized feud going on with the Town with just about every resident taking side's. To get the latest scoop just ask any full time resident and they will be glad to give you their opinion on this beautiful (Now Private) Park that is now closed to the public.
One of the advantages of renting a cabin in Fawnskin is the location along the Lake. Some of the most Beautiful views in all of Big Bear Valley is from the Fawnskin side looking towards the Lake with the Ski Slopes in Big Bear in the background. Another attractive feature for picking a Private Cabin Rental in Fawnskin during the Winter time if too much snow is not your thing, is the snow melts much faster on that side of the Lake. You get the breath taking views of Winter in the Mountains, but not all the hassle that's sometimes just on the other side of Big Bear Lake.
A few other things to do in Fawnskin include the entrance into the National Forest that takes you to Holcomb Valley a few short miles on forest roads. Holcomb Valley is best known for the Largest Gold Rush in the State of California in the Big Bear Valley that lead to a stampede of Gold Miners and helped transform what Big Bear has become is today. There is also several campgrounds and camping sites along the North Shore leading back up in the hills. Before heading off into the Wilderness it's highly advised you first visit the Big Bear Discovery Center and obtain a self guided driving tour map of the area as we'll as any necessary camping permits and a Forest parking pass. Along this rather interesting trail you will come accross the famous Hangman's Tree that still stands today. Not far away the grave of a Miner sits peacefully along the Trail. The Discovery Center is located 4 miles East on the main road going threw Fawnskin, Ca.
Personally I have always loved this side of Big Bear Lake. It's less crowded and the Locals are some of the most nicest down to earth people you could ever hope to meet. Oh, did I mention traffic? It's a rare occasion when you can't drive right on Thur Downtown Fawnskin.
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Big Bear lake Summer Time

Summer Time In Big Bear Lake, CA.

Big Bear Lake is famous for the Best Skiing and Snowboarding in all of Southern California but in recent years it's also known as a Four Season's Resort Community with plenty of activities all year long.
Listed below are a few popular Summer Time Activities. For a complete and more detailed list please visit ThingsToDoInBigBear Blog.
The Big Bear Discovery Center is the "must" place you will want to visit first before heading out into The Great Outdoors of the San Bernardino National Forest. Just a few of the things they offer is Adventure Passes, Hiking Maps, Forest Road Maps, Camping Information as we'll as customized Group Tours back into the National Forest.
40971 North Shore Dr. (Hwy 38)
Fawnskin, California 92338(909)866-3437

Big Bear Solar Observatory
Big Bear Lake is also the proud home of one of the few Solar Radio Telescopes in the World. Sitting out on it's own little island, the Solar Observatory can be seen from just about anywhere in Big Beak Lake. Big Bear makes an ideal location for star gazer's from around the World.
40386 North Shore LaneBig Bear City, CA 92314Phone: (909) 866 5791--------------------------------------------------

Mountain Bike Rentals:

There is several miles of Hiking/Biking Trails surrounding the Big Bear Valley and it's become a very popular sporting activity high up in the San Bernardino Mountains. If you'd love to go Mountain Biking but not to keen on peddling up and down the Mountains, you can always head over to Snow Summit Ski Resort and ride the lift chair to the top during the Summer time. Fantastic Views Anytime Of The Year!
Here's a few Big Bear Bike Company's That Come recommended:
Bear Valley Bikes
Chains Required Bike Shop

Big Bear Boat Tours

Taking your family out on a Boat Tour of Big Bear Lake is one of the best ways to explore its many hidden treasures. The largest tour boat on the Lake is the Miss. Liberty docked at the Pine Knot Marina 2 blocks North of the Village. The next tour boat would be the "Big Bear Queen" which is docked at the Big Bear Marina at 500 Paine Rd. And last but not least we can't forget the Authentic Spanish Galleon Pirate Ship docked at Holloway's Marina that has just about everyone taking a double look.


After a hard day playing in the Great Outdoors, what better way to end the day with a few games of Bowling and a little karaoke in the Lounge? The Bowling Barn has plenty of activities to keep the whole family busy.

Camping In Big Bear:

Big Bear Lake offers several camping sites throughout the Valley. You can choose everything from remote camping sites out in the middle of no-where to established campgrounds with all the immunities. Click here for a listing of several Campgrounds in Big Bear Lake, Ca. Also be sure to also check with the Discovery Center for permits, maps, availability, etc,.

Fishing and Fishing Guides:

Big Bear Lake offers some of the Best Fishing in all of Southern California's Mountain Lakes. Several types of fish can be caught in Big Bear including Rainbow Trout, Big Mouth Bass, Small Mouth Bass, Cat Fish, Crappie and BlueGill. You can optain a fishing map of the Lake that should head you in the right direction depending on the type of fishing you will be doing, or simply ask one of the Friendly Locals to point you in the right direction. If you don't have the time to learn the Lake and want to guarentee you will be eating fish tonight, you cant go wrong for using Big Bear Charters based at the Big Bear Marina.

Big Bear Golf Course

The Golf Course ie owned at operated by Big Bear Mountain Resorts which also own both Snow Summit and Bear Mountain Ski Resorts. Big Bear Golf Course is a 9 hole course right below Snow Sunnit and bext to the Moonridge Zoo. Sitting at an average of 7000', it's guarenteed to take a few strokes off anyones game.
Click Here for a complete list of everything to do in Big Bear

Cabins In Sugarloaf

Sugarloaf, CA.

Sugarloaf, CA. is located on the Southeast side of Big Bear Lake when your making the 22 mile loop. Interestingly, Sugarloaf was first divided into private camping areas when it was first developed. For this reason, that's why most of the lots in Sugarloaf were first divided into 25' by 25' lots, however many of the Homes now occupy multiple lots.

Sugerloaf also has one of the highest density of Private Vacation Cabin's in all of Big Bear lake Area. During the last Census, it was estimated that only 2 out of every 9 Homes were full time residents far exceeding the nearly 50% average for the Entire Big Bear Valley. Personally I think this number has gone up some in recent years, but I'm sure the ratio still favors Second Home Owners and Private Vacation Cabins.

Compared to other areas around Big Bear Valley, Sugar loaf for the most part, is a more affordable place to find a private cabin with a wide selection to choose from. You may not have a Lakefront View of Big Bear Lake, but you will be situated in a more relaxed atmosphere surrounded by tall Pine Tree's and within only a few miles of both Ski Resorts as we'll as Big Bear Lake itself.

Shopping in Sugarloaf should be taken into consideration before heading out to that side of the lake as there is not many choices. Apart from the Easy's Convenience Store and the Roadhouse Bar and Grill across the street, that's about it. Both Von's and Stater Bros. are approx. 6 to 7 miles from Sugarloaf.

The Roadhouse Bar and Grill has a decent menu with usually prompt service. There is also a few pool tables and darts for your enjoyment. The Nightlife at the Roadhouse can get somewhat interesting especially when they have Live Bands Playing. Give the Road House a call at (909) 585-0404 to see whats going on when your in Town.

Mention our little blog and tell Hill Bill to buy you a Beer on me. :) (I have a running tab and will be happy to buy you one just for reading as far as you have)

Sugarloaf also recently built a really nice Skate Park at the Sugarloaf Park across the street from Big Bear High School. The Skate Park has become a Big Hit with the Locals despite a lot of controversy. Sugarloaf Park also has Baseball Diamonds, Basketball Court, Picnic Areas and a large playground area.
All in All Sugarloaf is a peaceful Community off the beaten path and all the traffic usually found on any busy week-end. A few miles drive can save you $$$ and still stay in a really nice private cabin rental up in the Mountains of Sugarloaf.
If you own a private cabin you have for rent in the Sugarloaf area, feel free to leave more details below. If you have rented a vacation cabin up in the Sugarloaf area and would like to share your experience, please feel free to do so as we'll.

Private Cabins in Boulder Bay Area

Boulder Bay is located on the north east side of Big Bear Lake, Ca. surrounded with several large granite boulder's and tall pine trees in amongst the Cabins.

The Boulder Bay area is without a doubt, one of my favorite places around the entire Big Bear Lake. The Boulder Bay Area here is defined as starting at the Log Cabin Restaurant on the corner of Big Bear Blvd and Edgemoor Rd. and heading South down Big Bear Blvd. all the way to the Dam. This area also includes the Private Cabin Rentals available within the Papoose Bay, Metcalf Bay as we'll as the actual Boulder Bay itself.

Some of the most popular activities to do in the Boulder Bay Area would first have to be the BEST Swimming hole in the Entire Big Bear Lake. Starting at the Dam and heading East, it's only a few hundred yards to the South side before you will see China Island. (The Only island on Big Bear) The island itself is private property but the rock outcropping 40 feet to the West is fair game and a great place to go swimming. You can also go Cliff-Diving with boulders ranging anywhere from 5' up to 35' high depending on the water level in Lake. For those that don't have access to a boat, there is a small place to pull over approx. 1/4 mile from the Dam Parking Lot and just after the first major right turn bend in the road. There is only approx. 6-8 parking places there depending on how folks park so get there early on the weekends because it usually fills up fast. Once parked just follow the trail down towards the lake about 500 yards and you will run right into the swimming area.

Boulder Bay is also known for the several miles of Hiking and Biking Trails leading back into the National Forest. One of the most popular trails in Boulder Bay is the Castle Rock Trail which winds up the Mountain to, you guesses it, Castle Rock. Castle Rock is most famous for the steep cliffs that surround it. Technically speaking, it would be classified in the upper range of difficulty, but once on top, the Views of Boulder Bay surrounded by Big Bear Lake are just magnificent. To get to Castle Rock starting at Big Bear Dam, go approx. 1 mile towards the Village. You can see where the Trail starts on your left hand side, but you need to keep going approx. 100 ft. for a place to park. The trail is 2.4 miles round trip with medium to hard inclines getting up there.

If you have a private vacation rental in the Boulder Bay Area your welcome to share any information you'd like concerning your cabin.

Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake
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