Super Bear Arcade

The Super Bear Arcade Center

is conveniently located in the middle of The Village of Big Bear on Village Dr. When you first walk into the Super Bear Arcade it kind of reminds you of stepping back in time when pinball machines were still Hot and Space Invader's was the New Video Game on the block.

Super Bear Arcade dates back to 1977 which I'm sure some of those games were there when they first opened. They also have some other classics such as (lol, I cant seem to remember the correct name at the moment but it's where you throw the balls up the ramp and get a bunch of tickets) There is also Air Hockey and a few pool tables located towards the back.

SuperBear has also kept up with the times on a few newer video machines mixed-in which adds to the appeal of the more recent games. The DDR Dancing Game (Dance, Dance, Revolution) always seems to have a line of people waiting to spend a Dollar so they can dance. Between my two kid's, I think I have already paid for that machine all by myself.
Watch those Quarters

As you might expect, with so many of the games going on 40 years and older, it's not uncommon to have problems getting the older games to correctly work. Sometimes they don't like it, but be persistent and they will either credit the machine or refund your quarters.

For You Older Kids

We'll it just so happens that the famous Chad's Bar is right accross the street where you can keep an eye on the front of the Arcade. Depending on the age of your kid's, it's sometimes nice to unwind a bit and give them a chance to [hopefully] burn off a little energy.

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