Big Bear Marina's

Big Bear Lake Boating Officially Opens April 1st

There is 7 Boat launching Marina's around Big Bear Lake for you to choose from depending on your needs and location around the Lake.

Holloways Marina RV Park

Holloway's Marina offers a full line of just about everything you could ever need for Boating on Big Bear Lake. In addition to a Boat Ramp and Dock Rentals for those that bring up their own Boats and Jet Skis, Holloway's also offers a full range of Boat Rentals including Kayaks, Canoes, Fishing Boats and Fishing Poles, Pontoon Boat Rentals, Sail Boats, jet-Skis, Power Boats and Water Skis. Holloway's Marina also offers one of the largest Marine Mechanical Services on Big Bear Lake.
Holloway's is also Home to the Famous Pirate Ship that sails around Big Bear Lake.

Holloways Marina Website
398 Edgemoor Rd. (Boulder Bay Area)
1 (800) 448-5335
1 (909) 866-5706

Big Bear Marina

Big Bear Marina is strategical located just a few blocks from The Village of Big Bear with a very large parking area. Big Bear Marina is also one of Big Bear's Largest Marina's on the Lake. They have boat Rentals ranging from a 14' Fishing Boats, two different sized pontoon boat rentals, three different sized Wave Runners and Jet Skis, Kayaks, Canoes and a four person Water Skiing and Boarding. The Big Bear Marina is also Home to the Big Bear Queen.

Big Bear Marina Website
500 Paine Rd.
Big Bear Lake, Ca.
1 (909) 866-3218
Pine Knot Marina
Pine Knot Marina is located directly North of The Village right on Pine Knot Drive making it one the more Popular Marina's in Big Bear Lake. The Pine Knot Marina covers a wide rang of boats for rent in Big Bear lake as we'll. Just like the previous two, they rent small fishing boats, several pontoon boats, speed boats, jet skiing and water skiing. The Pine Knot Marina is also the only Marina that offers para-sailing from a 300' rope high over Big Bear Lake. The Marina is also home to the Largest Paddle Boat on Big Bear Lake.

Pine Knot Marina Website
400 Pine Knot Ave.
1 (909) 866-6463
Pleasure Point Marina
The Pleasure Point Marina offers an arrays of Marine Services in the Boulder Bay Area. They are mostly known for their Luxury Pontoon Boat Rentals and Battery Powered Canoes. The Pleasure Point Marina is a full service marina with docks and boat slip rentals for your convenience. They are also an Authored Dealer for Premier Boats, Suzuki Marine and Voyager Marine with a showroom on the premises.

Pleasure Point Marina Website
603 Landlock Landing Rd.
Big Bear Lake, Ca.
1 (909) 866-2455
Captain John's Marina

Captain John's Fawn Harbor Marina is the only marina located in Fawnskin on the North West edge of Big Bear Lake. Captain John's offers several boat rentals to choose from including Pontoon Boats, Fishing Boats, Sailboats, Canoes and Kayaks. they also offer Seasonal and temporary slips and moorings for your convenience while staying in Fawnskin, Ca. Captain John's is also a distributor of Ocean Kayaks and Duffy Electric Boats for rentals as we'll as to purchase.

Captain Johns Fawn Harbor Marina Website
39368 North Shore Dr.
Fawnskin, Ca.
1 (909) 866-6478

In addition to the Private Marina's mentioned above, the Big Bear Water District also has two Public Marina's available for boat launching and both are located on the North Shore of Big Bear Lake.

East Boat Ramp

41911 North Shore Dr.
(1/4 mile west of Stanfield Cut-Off)
1 (909) 866-5200

West Boat Ramp

38925 North Shore Dr.
(1 1/2 Miles West of Fawnskin)
1 (909) 866-2917


  1. Fishing was GREAT at Big Bear Lake this weekend. The trout are already beginning to spawn and they were Hungry.

    We almost caught our limit at the boulder bay park right at the mouth of the creek flowing into the lake. Average fish weighed in at 3 1/2 pounds each. All fish were caught with night crawlers.

  2. Thanks for the great review. We hope to see you soon. Check out our site for great deals and times.


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